Spooky fun!
Your great Aunt Millie has summoned her heirs to her fortune to come to her and her departed husband, the Judge, 1937 English Manor.
She is giving the squabbling children, (that's YOU!), one last time to work together as a family to find the Judges great treasure he hid before his mysterious death.
Open the clues and use the treasure map of the old estate to explore the dark, gloomy corridors and secret rooms of the grand old manor to hopefully locate the hidden treasure.
But time is not on your side, the other great grand children have shown up to find the treasure as well!
 Find the treasure and stop the clock!
Use your candles to peer into the dark family crypt and old staff rooms, rumors have it that the judges body was never found...

Come in  with your family or friends, or make it a spooky date!
The best overall time of the week from the teams finding the gold will win  a prize!
2 different levels of play, one for children /family and one for adults.

Date: Jan. 21st.
Two different start times during the day to chose from: 1:30pm and 3:30PM
Referees accompany teams in play. Time added if requesting clues or help.
Must have a team of at least 4 persons to play
On-line advance ticket sales only, no tickets at the door
Adults $28.00
Children 15 and under: $20.00
Call 877-808-6877 for more information


  • 37,000 square feet of play area in the historic courthouse/manor & 17,000 square foot in the former county jail!
  • The building is indeed haunted, and yes people have seen a judge figure in the building.
  • Form your treasure hunting team and give them a name!
  • Treasure map and clues will be assigned to your team
  • Held during the day so the children don't get too scared!


Old Dona Ana County Courthouse