Looking for some unique fun  to do to celebrate Valentines Day with your date or significant other?
Come out to the 1937 Historic Courthouse and jail for our Valentines Lockdown!
Come up to the second floor courtroom to enjoy some great music, delicious Hors D'oeuvres, and some fun, get to know your date games while you sip on your complementary wine.
We will guide you up to the roof top for the scenic, mountains and downtown view and get your group picture next to the old Bell Tower.
Back to the courtroom for refreshments and then we will guide you down by candlelight into the jail area for a unique "Lockdown".
You and your date/friend /significant other will be placed inside your cell to experience all of your 5 senses!
Your Touch, Taste, Smell, Sound, and Visual senses will all be explored as you and your partner are in your cell during lockdown!
Our photographer will capture photos of each guest in lockdown. 
After you are released from your cell, you will be escorted to the "Enchanted Burning Wish" fire pit in the old prisoners exercise yard.
Each of you will take a scroll and write your New Years Wishes, desires, positive outcomes onto your scroll, wrap it with a ribbon to seal, and toss your scroll into the waiting flames so that the smoke will ascend to the ether to fulfill your wishes!
Limited seating! Get your tickets on line now as this fun, quirky Valentines event will book out!
Where: Historic 1937 Courthouse and Jail, 251 West Amador, Las Cruces. NM
When: February 11th, Saturday
Time start: 5:30PM until 8:00PM
Ticket Price: $41.00 per person, plus tax 
This is a couple's event, 21 years or older.
 Dress  casual,  wear comfortable walking shoes! Call 877-808-6877 if any questions
Explore life!


  • Fun night of couple activities
  • Group pictures & couple pictures
  • Delicious Hors D'oeuvres  
  • Complementary wine
  • Lockdown in a jail cell to explore your 5 senses!
  • Toss your goals and New Years wishes into the "Enchanted Burning Wish" fire pit!


Historic Former Dona Ana Courthouse, Las Cruces