Candle-lit Haunted History Tour through the historic Dona Ana Courthouse and Jail!
May 28th, Saturday 7:30pm
Hosted by; Southwest Paranormal Adventures

If your looking for something a little more "edgy" to do with your friends, this is it!
The guided, walking tour will escort you through the "Grand old Lady" to experience first hand, the areas in the building that paranormal investigators have documented paranormal activity.
Doors opening & closing by themselves, women, men and a little girls voice, furniture moving are some of the activities recorded inside the building
Your guides will lead you through the dark corridors and foreboding rooms of the 1937 courthouse and haunted jail, lighting the way with candles.
The guides will replay some of the audio they have captured in the different "hot spots" throughout the 37,000 square foot, 3 story building and17,000 square foot jail annex.
This building is soon to be renovated into a 4 star hotel & conference center, book your spot now to view  this historic site while you can!
Book now to reserve your place in these historic tours.
Start time:  7 :30 pm until 9:30pm Saturday, May 28th.  
Price : $28.00 per person, plus tax ( These tours fill up fast!)
Age: 15 and older
Call 877-808-6877 for  questions/ more information
NOTE: Please don't show up at location without a reservation, either online or by calling and making reservation with us. Thank you


  • 2 hour walking tour by candle light through Courthouse & Jail Annex
  • Audio recordings of some of the paranormal activity in building
  • Professional guides
  • Group picture  taken in jail 
  • Tour takes you to paranormal hot spots throughout the building & jail annex
  • Custom, " I survived the 1937 Haunted Courthouse" t-shirts available for purchase on line or at building.  $20.00
  • Hot Coffee, Hot chocolate & hot teas complimentary.



Old Dona Ana County Courthouse