April 20th, Saturday morning, learn how to paddle the Rio!
If you have been wanting to get out on the Rio Grande and paddle, but new to paddling/kayaking or just need some refreshers on kayaking a moving body of water, you have come to the right place!
This River Kayaking 101, "Kayaking the Rio" class, will teach you the fundamentals in paddling in a moving body of water.
Your river/paddling instructors will go over the basic paddling strokes, learning how to enter/exit your boat, how to use eddies, how to read the river, read the weather and always have /make a trip plan that you share.
We will go over the different types of kayaks, canoes, and what to wear, and what gear to bring with you on the river.
You will start with some ground instruction, do some light stretching, don your life jackets and begin the water phase of the instructions/lessons.
You will then, as a group, head down river, practicing your paddling strokes, turns and paddling upriver as well. Don't worry, your river guides will be right with you. Upon signing up for this course, you will be sent a confirmation email with a short list of what to wear/gear to bring.
This river paddle is approx. 4 miles. You will encounter turns/bends in the river, small islands to navigate around and a river flow of about 2 miles an hour. Other personal/staff will be at the takeout to assist you from the river.
We suggest that you Know how to swim, or that you can do the dog paddle/treading water. You will be wearing a life jacket on the river.
After your river class we will have a tasty hot grilled lunch at the takeout area consisting of grilled hamburgers, hotdogs, grilled jalapenos, chips /salsa and dessert! Plenty of cold bottled water and Gatorade.
Sit back in the camp chairs provided, enjoy lunch while your river guides recap the lesson.

To book: Click on the type of boat you want in the check in.
We have: Single person kayaks, tandem -2 person kayaks, & 2 person canoes.
The per person price is already factored in the price depending on the boat you selected.
If the boat has already been rented, you will not be able to rent that particular boat out.
All boats are hard shell, no inflatables.

What if I want to bring my own boat?
You can bring your own boat, (only 14 more persons would be allowed with their own boats in addition to ours for this event.)
You will need to provide your own boat & guest transportation, paddles and life jackets. life jackets are required. 
You will need to load /unload your boat and follow all instructions from Southwest Expeditions guides.
You will need to stay with paddle group at all times during class.
To book w/your own boat: Click on "your boat" option at check in.  Your person ticket price is per person, not per boat.
When: April 20th, Saturday at 9:00 am at La Llorona Park off Picacho (allow total of approx. 5 hours, including hot lunch)
Ticket Pricing (PER PERSON): Single seat Kayak $ 75.00
                                                                     2- seat kayak or 2 seat canoe $140.00

Bring your own Boat:                       Single seat kayak: $60.00.
                                                                    2- seat kayak          $120.00.

Please call 877-808-6877 for any questions


  1. River paddling class in town on the Rio!
  2. River/kayak instructors and support staff.
  3. Shuttle back to La Llorona Park after river paddle.
  4. All kayaks, paddles, life jackets, professional guides provided!
  5. Hot grilled lunch and camp chairs after your paddling lesson.


La Llorona Park, Las Cruces