Night Sky Star Party!
Join us for a starry night out in a REMOTE setting! (we meet up at our courthouse store and leave from there.)
Sit back and watch & listen as your Native American storyteller, using a laser pointer, guides you through the star systems, pointing out both the Native American interpretation of the stars and the Greek interpretation of the night sky!
The campfire will dance & flicker as your storyteller weaves his magic.
Telescope & spotting scopes will be set up for you to view the vistas and night sky.
Complimentary wine and hors d'oeuvre's will be available.
Limited seating available, sign up now for your adventure!
For more information, call 877-808-6877
Full Itinerary will be in followup email when you book your adventure, meetup locations/event site/what to bring,
Price per ticket $45.00


  1.  Native American Storyteller
  2. Crack'in campfire
  3. Camp chairs for your comfort
  4. Camping bathroom in private tent & wash stand for your comfort
  5. Complimentary wine, hot chocolate, teas, & bottled water
  6. Telescope and spotting scope to view the night sky
  7. Remote setting on a bluff on a mountain! 


Old Dona Ana County Courthouse