Welcome to the Vampire Masquerade Ball & Gypsy Village!
Nuit des Danseurs, (Night of the dancers) Oct 29th

This is a one of a kind special event to bring awareness and help benefit the Alzheimer's Association of Las Cruces.
Please consider  donating any amount while at the event at their table set up in the foyer of the ball room or outside at their gypsy tent during the night of the event.
Tis' the year 1800, the night sky is foreboding, and the Ch√Ęteau des Morts-Vivants looms large and imposing in the twilight.
As a distinguished night vampire of nobility, You have been invited to attend the Grand Ball of the Vampire King and his Queen.

The Royal guest list is the who's who of the night dancers, Lords, Counts, Earls,  and Dukes from England, France and the dark countries.

Come into the Grand Ballroom and be announced by the Herald, introduce yourselves to the other royal vampires that have gathered for this festive night. The lady's attending, will be presented with a black rose for their beauty.

After the King and Queen have entered the ballroom and have taken their seat at the thrones, the Vampire Queen will make a special greeting to the sponsors of tonight's Gala.  
 The King and Queen will admire and take special note of the gathered Vampire nobility, so that they may reward their chosen with special gifts! Prizes awarded during event!

After the introductions, we dance! The king and his lovely queen will lead the merrymaking with the first dance with the high court.
Enjoy the high spirits at the cash bar and  delicious hors d'oeuvres from Picacho Peak Brewery!
 An ensemble quartet will provide the proper ambiance for your dancing pleasure. 
Vampire Waltz music will be played throughout the grand night with a talented DJ.

 Upon sign up, you will be receiving by email, your dress code instructions and web sites to purchase your costumes, eye masks, fangs, etc.. You can also rent or make your own, but please remember to order /rent/make ASAP. We include pictures of some of the types of costumes.
 This is a themed ball, so we want you to look and act the part of an aristocratic vampire of nobility!

You will be sent different royal titles you can pick from in which upon entry into the royal court, your title and name and country /town you are from,  will be called out by the Herald to announce your arrival to the High Court Ball..
We will await your royal presence at the Vampire Ball!
Be entertained by the local gypsies, set up outside the ballroom dance in the castle, perhaps a small bite/snack after the dance is in order?

Early Vampire tickets discount until 9/24/2022! $77.00 per person (discount applied automatically until 9/24)
General Admission tickets after 9/25/2022            $87.00 per person

Gold Sponsor tickets  includes(2) tickets sitting at high table plus 2 tickets general admission seating on main floor $800.00    
Silver Sponsor tickets includes (2) tickets sitting in VIP section $ 500.00    
Bronze Sponsor tickets, includes (2) tickets sitting in VIP section $350.00

What: A high court full masquerade Vampire Ball and Gypsy village!
When: October 29th, Saturday evening, 6:30 until 11:30 pm
Where: The Vampire ball will be held inside the beautiful event ball room at Picacho Peak Brewery!
The Gypsy village will be free and open to the public and be held outside, inside the walled courtyard! 
Location: 3900 West Picacho Ave. Las Cruces, NM
Call 877-808-6877 for any questions!


  • Ballroom Waltz dancing! Professional dancers to show you how!
  • Full costumes with eye masks
  • Renaissance/Steampunk/ Victorian/Baroque  Dress
  • Ensemble music & background Ballroom music
  • Cash bar & Hors d'oeuvres 
  • Ballroom dancing & gypsy  dancing entertainment
  • Special Sponsor seating & collectable wine glass
  • A Gypsy village with music, dancers and gypsy vendors! 
  • Awards for "Best Dress" and "Best Persona" and more!
  • Held at the beautiful ballroom event center at Picacho Peak Brewery!
  • Professional photographer to capture your splendid vampire nobility, (no charge!)


Picacho Peak Brewing Company