Take a journey into the unknown... 
Do you remember the things that went "bump" in the night when you were a little child?
The "thing" that peered at you from the open closet door that you know you had closed ?
That "whisper" or voice you swore you heard calling your name in the dead of night? The hand underneath your bed?
Well, they were all real and tonight you get to visit them where they live!

Gather your courage and your close friends and pay a visit to the dark world of the paranormal.
This very edgy, guided tour takes place inside the haunted jail of the historic Courthouse in Las Cruces.
You chose the time slot you want so that you are not having to stand in long lines at the front entrance.
Arrive 5-10 minutes early so we can check your group from the manifest.
Candles will be issued to you to help peer  into the darkness and gloom, and maybe ward off a spirit or two?
Please note, if you have smaller children that scare easily, this tour is NOT for them, please reconsider bringing them.

When:   Saturday, October, Saturday  22nd.
Where: the Historic Courthouse & Jail, 251 West Amador. Las Cruces, NM
Start time : 7:00PM
Individual start times start at 7:00 PM and run every 15 min. until 11:00PM
Ticket prices: 17 years to Adult;       $ 18.50
                                Child, 12 years to 16 $ 12.50
Please note: These are Private tours , NOT open to walk-ins at the door, you must book on line for this limited space, special tour.
Please call 877-808-6877 for more information or questions.


  • Smaller groups of 15 people at a time.
  • No waiting, just show up at your time slot!
  • Guided tour through the Haunted Jail with effects!
  • Family Friendly
  • Scary walking Tour!


Old Dona Ana County Courthouse