Join us for a Enchantingly FUN, Native American & Greek night sky interpretation.  Celestial evening with kayaks on beautiful Caballo Lake!
This is THE event to take your friend or bring a date, don't miss it!  May 13th, Saturday evening 6:00 PM

Once at the lakes edge, we will fit you out with life jackets, kayaks ,and paddles for your evening adventure.
As the sun sets, you will fasten red & green glow sticks to your boat for navigational lights, and you will don a blue glow stick for yourself.
Your group will paddle out onto the lake with your guides and then paddle together for about an hour along the shore and then back to the base camp for the night sky program.

After the sunset paddle, everyone paddles back together to the base camp on shore to indulge in "Vino & Cibo", (Wine & Hors D'oeuvres). Sit next to cozy beach fire pit and  enjoy your wine & Hors D'oeuvres!
Relax in the camp chairs and watch the fires embers dance in the silky night sky while Astronomer, Francisco Carreto-Parra, from NMSU, (Masters of Science/Physics/ ) speaks to you about the Greek stories & interpretation of the night sky.
He will also have his telescope out for night sky viewing.
 Your next speaker will be Alex, a Navajo Native Interpretive guide, speaking on the old stories of the night sky as seen through the eyes of the ancient Native peoples.
A  special night to remember!
Your Hors D'oeuvres include; Delicious grilled shrimp Skewers, (marinated shrimp/lemon/parmesan sage sauce),
 Caprese Skewers, (Heirloom tomato/mozzarella/fresh basil/balsamic reduction), and Veggie Skewers, (Marinated veggies/halloumi/parmesan sage sauce.)

To book: Click on the type of boat you want in the check in.
We have : Single person kayaks,, tandem -2 person kayaks, &  2 person canoes and stand up paddle boards.
The per person price is already factored in the price depending on the boat you selected.
If the boat has already been rented, you will not be able to rent that particular boat out.
All boats are hard shell, no inflatables.

What if I want to bring my own boat?
You can bring your own boat, (only 14 more persons would be allowed with their boats in addition to ours for this event.)
You will need to provide your own boat & guest transportation, paddles and life jackets. life jackets are required. We will provide the Nav. glow sticks for your boat.
You will need to load /unload your boat and follow all instructions from Southwest Expeditions guides. You will need to stay with paddle group at all times at event.
To book w/your own boat: Click on "your boat" option at check in. Your ticket price will be discounted. Your person ticket price is per person, not per boat.
When: May 13th. Saturday evening meet at 6:00 PM at the boat ramp at Caballo Lake State Park
Ticket Pricing( PER PERSON): Single seat Kayak $ 89.00
                                                                     Single stand up paddle board: $ 78.00
                                                                     2- seat kayak or 2 seat canoe $170.00
Bring your own Boat:                       Single seat kayak: $75.00
                                                                    2- seat kayak          $150.00

Please call 877-808-6877 for any questions


  1. Star Party with kayaks on beautiful Caballo Lake
  2. Guided paddle and night sky Greek and Native interpretation of stars storytelling w/ laser pointers
  3. Wine and Hors D'oeuvres, hot coffee, hot chocolate, hot teas and cold bottled water included!
  4. Very dark skies (Waning Crescent moon) 
  5. All kayaks, paddles, life jackets, professional guides provided!
  6. Music on the beach while you enjoy your complementary wine!
  7. Beach campfire and camp chairs provided.


Caballo Lake State Park, NM