Do you want to explore the hidden world of the unseen, to be able to pierce & peer past the paranormal veil that surrounds us?
You are in the right place!
This special, 4-hour workshop/class & investigation will be teaching you how to do a proper paranormal investigation with equipment, so that you can increase your chances of contacting the spirits.
Class/workshop is 2 hours, followed by 2-hour private investigation of the courthouse & jail to use what you learned, lunch included!

Held inside the 1937 courtroom at the historic County Courthouse & Jail.
Your expert instructor, Ramiro Galvan has over 22 years of paranormal research experience, with his company, Paranormal Research Investigations, (PRI).
 He has been seen on multiple episodes of "Ghost Adventures" and is still very active in paranormal research in the Southern New Mexico, West Texas area.
 He has coordinated a "meet and greet" at the courthouse with Colin Bowen, originator of " The Paranormal Files" with over 580,000 followers on their Utube channel.
 Ramiro 's team has also investigated the Courthouse & Jail numerous times and has captured video and audio evidence of the paranormal activities in the complex.
 When: Class starts at 4:30PM, Saturday, April 6th. 
Concludes at 8:30PM (Limited seating!) Don't miss this special training! 
Ticket price: $48.00 per person/. min. age ;16 years old
Lunch, (custom box lunch from a local Deli included. Bottled water/coke/hot coffee, teas) all included in your ticket price.)
Upon reservation, we will send you the menu selection to choose your delicious lunch!
Seating inside the 1937 courtroom.
Where:  251 West Amador, Courthouse Building, Las Cruces, NM
What to bring: An inquisitive mind!
Please bring your smart phone/and or camera, smartphone w/recorder or audio recorder.
Comfortable walking shoes, warm clothing. Might get chilly in the evening.
Please note: If you are deciding to spend the night in Las Cruces, we have a 15% discount off the rooms at the beautiful Ramada Palms in Las Cruces. Let us know during your check-in online and we will send you the discount link!
Hosted by Southwest Paranormal Adventures (SPA) & Paranormal Research Investigations, (PRI)
Please call 877-808-6877 for any questions!


  • Historical overview of paranormal investigating (from Roman times to present)
  •  Qualities of a paranormal investigator
  • Explanation of EMF (often misunderstood)
  • Proper usage and application of investigative hardware (EMF devices/audio recorders/cameras/etc) (short exercise)
  • Overview of EVP recording
  • Metaphysical overview with examples
  • Metaphysical exercise
  • Grounding/laying “boundaries” for protection
  • Class/workshop is 2 hours, followed by 2 hour private investigation of the courthouse & jail to use what you learned!
10 minute break at the top of the hour.
Attendees can eat during class.( Custom Box Lunch included)
Investigation of jail afterwards in two groups (one begins third floor; other begins first floor/both groups meet second floor to investigate at 45 minute mark (dependent on “activity”) and then groups swap floors.


Historic Former Dona Ana Courthouse, Las Cruces