This fascinating, unique tour will take you to explore three different Old West ghost towns nestled in and around the Black Range mountains of southern New Mexico. 
Miners, settlers, lawman and outlaws all called this area home.
 Come join us on this exclusive 2-day, one night adventure in which you will explore and partake in paranormal investigations in each of the three ghost towns and their boot hill cemeteries.
On this tour,  we'll have special access into some unique building sites located within each of the ghost towns. 
Lake Valley Ghost town: Established in 1878 after silver was discovered.
 Over 2.5 million ounces of silver came from the fabled " Bridal Chamber" Mine. The town was an important railhead. The last resident passed away in 1974.
 At one time the town had a bustling population of over 4,000 people. 
Hillsboro: Founded in 1877, following the discovery of gold! 
The town was always under threat of attack from the raiding Apache's who considered this whole area their homeland. 
Opportunity and Reedy Pat Mines were some of the big mines. 
In 1896, the famous trial of the murdered Judge Albert Fountain and his son Henry, 8 years old, was held at the old brick courthouse. Lawman Pat Garrett was in town for the trial. 
Sadie Orchard had her brothel and hotel here and co-owned and drove the stagecoach line.
Kingston: Founded in 1882. Rich lode of silver ore discovered at the Solitaire Mine.
One of the wildest towns of the Old West!
 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Black Jack Ketchum are just some of the historical figures which walked the streets of old Kingston. Back in the day, it had 23 saloons!
You will be taught to use the ghost hunting equipment and tools such as K-2 meters, recorders, night vision cameras, rim-pods, iovilus device, trigger objects and more!
 A professional paranormal team from El Paso, PRI, (Paranormal Research Investigations) led by Ramiro Galvan, will be teaching you how to do investigations using the equipment as you explore the Old West towns!
After you walk over to explore Kinston's cemetery, we will have prepared for you a delicious, hot grilled dinner cooked outdoors for you at the Black Range Lodge.
Sit in the camp chairs outside the Lodge and enjoy your hot grilled dinner next to the roaring fire pit as Barbra, a local historian, shares the old west history of the ghost towns, as well as some spooky ghost stories! After dinner and the stories, we will pass out the old fashion lanterns to our guests so that you can do some paranormal investigations of the historic buildings in Kingston!
After your day and evening exploration into the unknown, you will retire to your very comfortable cozy rooms at the famous Black Range Lodge.
In the morning, Sunday, after a hearty breakfast we will load up and head back to Hillsboro for some GOLD Panning in the Percha Creek!
This exciting, fun tour includes on the road snacks, bottled cold water, hot coffee, teas. Dinner and hearty breakfast at the Lodge, rooms (2 to a room), tour guides, paranormal guides, equipment, transportation, all fees and permits.

We only have 12 persons we can take on this tour, Limited seating, so if you are thinking about participating in this adventure, don't wait too long to sign up!
When: May 27th until May28th (overnight stay)
Pickup/drop off location: Las Cruces, 251 West Amador. (The historic 1937 courthouse and Jail)

Passenger van and other vehicles used.
Where: 3 Ghost towns of the Old West
Cost per person; (double occupancy): $295.00, plus tax
Please call 877-808-6877 for any questions at all! Thank you!


  • 3 ghost Old West Ghost Towns
  • Snacks, dinner, breakfast included!
  • Tour guides and Paranormal guides
  • Gold Panning
  • Cozy, comfortable rooms at the famous Black Range Lodge!
  • Paranormal equipment for your use in exploring!


Historic Former Dona Ana Courthouse, Las Cruces